Sunday Worship Times

2535 Robie Street, Halifax, NS

Morning Worship


10:00 AM On-Site and Online

About Our Worship

It’s been said that worship is a “whirlwind of divine activity.” We look for, enjoy, and aim for the following biblical themes in our worship:

Biblical themes in our worship:
  • worship and theology go hand in hand
  • worship is remembering God’s deeds in history
  • worship is dialogic – a conversation between God and us
  • worship relies on the Holy Spirit
  • worship is fellowship, corporate
  • worship is participation in the Kingdom to come
  • worship is covenantal
  • worship is participative
  • worship is holistic
  • worship is expansive
  • worship is reverent
  • worship is expectant
  • worship is intergenerational
  • worship draws on many cultures (all nations)
  • worship is sacramental
  • worship is evangelistic
  • worship is educational

Or, in whirlwind format:


Ordinarily, we celebrate Communion (the Lord’s Supper) on the 1st Sunday of the month.

We always celebrate it on Easter Sunday.


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