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Where to Go If You Feel Unsafe (Women and Children)
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Reconciliation Resources
  • Generous Space Ministries  (LGBTQ+)
    Generous Space Ministries is committed to fostering communities of authentic relationships and mutual support. They create space (locally and online) to connect with other LGBTQ2+ people who are curious about exploring the intersection of faith, sexuality, and gender together. They equip leaders and their communities to practice the posture of generous space to not only address the complexity of topics like gender and sexuality, but to respond to the many experiences of diversity that naturally flow from extending hospitality and building relationships in our local contexts.
  • Kairos Blanket Exercise
    The Blanket Exercise allows a shared experience of the history of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, their relationship to one another, and their relationship to the land. The Blanket Exercise is offered to indigenous and non-indigenous participants and groups – including Canada’s most recent newcomers.   Since 1997, it has been offered to tens of thousands of people in Canada and around the world, in educational settings, within government/professional training, and to communities of people who continue to be affected by harm experienced by them or their elders in Canada’s residential school system.
  • National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation : 94 Calls to Action
    These resources stem from Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.