to in-person worship on Sunday mornings

Effective July 17 - Masks are optional ...except...

All volunteers and adults in our children’s ministries must continue to wear masks  during indoor programming.

This is to protect our least vaccinated population.

We strongly encourage mask use at in-person worship and other indoor church gatherings.

Need/want a mask?

No problem. We have plenty, and we keep them close to the entrance.

Before you attend in person
Pause. Do a quick self-check.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 7 days, or if you have COVID-19 symptoms, please wait to attend in person.

Join us online if you can! We look forward to welcoming you to worship at your next opportunity.

For more detailed information, check public health guidance here:



In addition to welcoming children in our main worship space, we offer a nursery space on the main floor.

Our nursery serves children aged 2 years or younger and their caregivers.

Masks are required for all adults and all volunteers in our nursery.

Nursery attendants can receive and care for children during worship. Parents/caregivers can access the nursery to soothe or care for their child as needed.

All nursery volunteers are required to follow our Safe Church guidelines, which includes mandatory background screening. 

Optional: supervised play for children aged 3-7 years (summer session ends Sept. 11)

Church garden with leafy trees and welcoming garland

Visitors are welcome!

Children are welcome to remain in the main worship area, or to visit an indoor play area down the stairs from the church hall.

Personalized buckets hold art supplies and more. We always have supplies for a visitor to enjoy.

When the weather is pleasant, the group explores our garden, reaching into their buckets for insect magnifiers, shovels, and BUBBLES!

Snacks are provided. Please inform the leaders if your child has any allergies.

All children’s ministry volunteers are required to follow our Safe Church guidelines, which includes mandatory background screening. Masks are mandatory for all volunteers and any adults in our indoor programme space. 

The Lord's Supper/Communion


We celebrate the Lord’s Supper at least once per month.

If you are wondering about the meaning or purpose of the Lord’s Supper, or if you have any questions about participating, please contact us.

We share the bread and the juice, with a few modifications to limit spread of illness and options to increase the comfort of folk who are taking extra precautions.

Feeling vulnerable now that masks are optional?

Feel free to request a mask if you need one, and consider balcony seating if climbing stairs is realistic for you. The balcony typically has only a few people, and lots of space.

If you are struggling with this adjustment, please let us know. We would be glad to offer support and assistance.


Online options

Please consider online opportunities if

  • you are eligible for vaccination, but unvaccinated.
  • you feel that attending worship at this time would be unsafe for you.
  • you are required to self-isolate.

At any time, should you need/prefer to participate in worship online, find a link to worship on our home page