to in-person worship

We show love and care by extending a few protective measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect the vulnerable. Scroll down to learn about that and more.
Masks (required)

At worship, we continue to require masks.
If you have a mask, please put it on before entering.

Have you forgotten/lost your mask?
No problem. We have plenty, and we keep them close to the entrance.


Before you attend In person

Pause. Do a quick self-check.

Are you…

  • experiencing symptoms of unexplained illness?
    Public health screening guidance updated Feb. 15, 2022 
  • required to self-isolate?
    Self-isolation can be required because 

    • you have recently tested positive for COVID-19
    • you have had symptoms and are waiting for the results of a mandatory COVID-19 test

If any of those apply to you, please do not attend in person (yet!), but join us online if you can. We look forward to welcoming you to worship at your next opportunity!

All clear to attend?

Bring a mask, if you have one, or plan to request one as soon as you arrive.

Children's ministries

In addition to welcoming children in our main worship space, we offer

Nursery (main floor)

  • This space serves children aged 2 years or younger and their caregivers.
  • Parents/Caregivers can access this space (proof of vaccination required) to soothe or care for their child as needed.
  • Nursery attendants can receive and care for children during worship.

Children and Worship

  • This programme serves children aged 3 to 8 years.
  • This programme is follows NS “Return to Day Camp” COVID-19 guidelines.
  • At this time, children are required to wear masks except when eating or drinking.
  • Distancing is no longer mandatory between children in our programme room, but we will maximize distance when we are not in our circle.
The Lord's Supper/Communion


We celebrate the Lord’s Supper at least once per month.
Since COVID-19 arrived, you will see lots of folk bring their own bread and juice, but we have pre-packaged, sealed portions available.

If you are wondering about the meaning or purpose of the Lord’s Supper, or if you have any questions about participating, please contact us.


Distance not required, but recommended

We are now allowed to operate at 100% capacity.  Please help us use the whole sanctuary. Search for a spot that allows space around you or your group in every direction.

Six feet is better than five, five is better than four, four is better than three… Thank you for doing your best.

Proof of vaccination (PoV): mostly not required (open for details)

PoV is not required to attend worship.

PoV is required to volunteer on Sunday morning and for anyone 12 years of age or older to enter the Nursery space.

*Note: We encourage everyone who can to receive full vaccination and a booster, but a booster is not mandatory to satisfy the NS Proof of Vaccination requirements.

Children 11 years old and under do not need to show PoV.

We use a familiar symbol to show the very few rooms/events that require PoV for entry. When you see it, please get your PoV and ID ready.

We understand how frustrating it can be to be asked for PoV especially in a place where you are known well, and where you feel you belong.  It can feel insulting.

Why do we do this, when it would be SO much faster to wave you through?

  • Our volunteers have no other access to PoV records.
  • It is very challenging for volunteers to recall PoVs that they checked last fall, or even last week, and they can’t speculate.
  • It demonstrates commitment to PoV policies and a gracious fairness to check each participants PoV , and not only visitors/guests.
Coffee, tea, and a warm welcome?

Well… one out of three isn’t bad.

We are waiting for the COVID-19 case counts to drop before we offer refreshments following worship. Until that wonderful day, please feel free to stick around for a short while on Sunday mornings to meet some people and let us welcome you.

Online options

Please consider online opportunities if

  • you are eligible for vaccination, but unvaccinated.
  • you feel that attending worship at this time would be unsafe for you.
  • you are required to self-isolate.

At any time, should you need/prefer to participate in worship online, find a link to worship on our home page