All Nations Cooks for St. Andrew’s Sunday Supper

December 10, 2023


Menu:   Spaghetti Pie

Cooks’ Link:   Sunday Supper Recipe Book

Delivery Location: St. Andrew’s is located at 6036 Robie St., but we deliver to the side door, which is on Edwards St. 

Timing: Casseroles must be delivered, HOT, between 3:00 and 3:15 p.m.

  • for any cooks without a car, delivery of casseroles can be arranged

Food insecurity is a serious daily challenge for many. St. Andrew’s Sunday Supper provides a hot supper, respectful hospitality, and warm community at a weekly meal.

A number of All Nations folk regularly serve in the kitchen or the dining hall at St. Andrews. Our congregation supports this community meal by providing at least 8 big (BIG) casseroles, multiple times per year.

Here are ways to help…

  • Purchase the ingredients, prepare, bake, and deliver a casserole.
  • Volunteer to cook, but have the cost of the ingredients reimbursed through the Deacons.

If you are interested in helping by making a casserole, reach out to Holly B (found in the church directory). 

To learn more about what this weekly shared ministry offers to all, visit .