All Nations Cooks for St. Andrew’s Sunday Supper

April 30 3:00 - 6:00 pm  |  St. Andrew's Church, side door on Edwards Street

St. Andrew's United Church, Coburg Road, Halifax, NS, Canada

All Nations Church commits to providing at least 8 big (BIG) casseroles, delivered – hot – between 3 pm and 3:15 pm, to the side door on Edward Street.

There are several ways to contribute

  • Purchase the ingredients, prepare, bake and deliver the casserole.
  • Cover the cost of the ingredients needed to supply a volunteer cook.
  • Volunteer to shop and cook, but have the cost of the ingredients reimbursed through the Deacons.
  • Transport hot casseroles to St. Andrew’s for 3 p.m. on our service day.

This time, we will prepare Spaghetti Pie.  All recipes are found via one link, below. Be sure to scroll until you find the right recipe.

(Link, here.)

To learn more about what this weekly ministry offers to all visit and scroll down to “Sunday Suppers”.

Shop/Cook/Deliver for St. Andrew's Supper

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All help is welcome! Holly coordinates our volunteers for St. Andrew's Supper.
Please provide your contact information.

We are looking for people to help with three tasks:

  1. Purchasing ingredients for one casserole
  2. Assembling and cooking a casserole
  3. Delivering a casserole

If you can do all three tasks, without any support from us, please check the first box.

If you are eager to help, but can only take responsibility for some part(s) of the process, use the checkboxes to tell us what you are willing and able to do. We will gladly fill in the gaps!