“Small Groups”: Big Step or Baby Step?

Valerie Walker   -  


Are you ready to join a small group?

We hope so, but we understand that it can feel like a huge, big deal. Maybe you have never experienced a small group and it sounds forced or fake. You might favour building relationships more organically.

Here’s the thing. Many of us lost the practice of gathering with others intentionally and dependably when gathering was risky or restricted.  There has never been a better time to join a small group and build or re-build connections.


Small Groups gather intentionally, meet regularly and purposefully, have a shared focus, and are usually supported by a leader or facilitator.


From Maggie D.
“After getting to know the people in my small group, even when we could meet only online, we built strong relationships. When restrictions eased, and I saw them–in person–at worship, it gave me so much joy!”

In your small group, you can anticipate giving and receiving welcome, care expressed through fellowship, prayer, and sometimes food. Small groups work best when each person contributes to creating a safe space to talk, share, and grow.


From Larry C
“Small groups are a great way to engage in a church community/family. We pray together, even silently, do Bible Study, or Book Study. It’s an excellent way to meet other All Nations attenders. I moved to Halifax two months before the pandemic and All Nations has been my second home through Zoom and in person worship.”  Larry C.

All Nations has a few groups running already, but Maggie D is ready to hear from anyone interested in joining (or starting) a small group. Let her know what you feel ready for, what you feel called to, and anything else she should know to connect you with a group that fits.

There are LOTS of possibilities.

Small groups usually have one main focus, even though they may incorporate sharing, prayer, study, action, or reflection. Not only that, but groups can be (roughly) age specific, or they can bring together people in different stages of life.


If you are ready to make a small group part of your life –or even if you are curious and open to a new possibility, fill out our Small Group Questionnaire.