A New Monthly Study Group

February 2 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Group focus: The church and 21st-century issues

Going forward, this group will meet monthly, online, on the final Thursday of each month.  Meetings will be on Zoom, 7-8:30, and the link is available in the weekly announcements.

A more detailed schedule is developing, but you can start reading now – we will read at least a few chapters a month.

The first book:

Refugia Faith : Seeking Hidden Shelters, Ordinary Wonders, and the Healing of the Earth
Author: Debra Rienstra
photo credit: Michelle Kok

(https://www.fortresspress.com/store/, also available on Audible)

 Use the contact form below to request the meeting link or to let us know that you plan to attend.

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