Phase 5 Re-Opening

We show love for our neighbours and care for our community by following public health rules and guidance to the best of our abilities. Scroll down for info about in-person worship in Phase 5.
Before You Leave Your Home

Do a quick self-check before coming to worship in person.

Are you…

experiencing unexplained symptoms of illness? 

  • required to self-isolate because of 
    • a potential exposure? (Check here.)
    • your travel status? (Check here.)
    • any other public health direction?

If any of those apply to you, please do not attend in person (yet!), but join us online if you can. Thank you for acting sacrificially to protect others. We look forward to welcoming you to worship at your next opportunity!

Our congregation celebrates the Lord’s Supper (Communion/the Eucharist) at least once a month. We currently avoid passing things out hand to hand, including communion bread and juice, but communion packets will be available as you enter.

On Arrival

Please put on a mask before entering, if you have one. Masks are required, and our hosts have fresh masks available for anyone who needs one. Hand sanitizer is available in our lobby.

Contact Tracing
Record your name and provide your phone number. (One person can be the contact for a household.)

*This contact info will be used  only by public health services, and only to manage a possible exposure.  If you would like to be contacted by our pastor, our deacons, or our elders,  use  a contact card found in our pews, and leave it in the offering basket as you exit.

Washroom Use
If possible, delay use of our washrooms until worship has begun.


Distancing is no longer required, but we encourage everyone to spread out and make full use of our large space. The balcony is a “no singing zone. If you want to sing, choose seating on the main floor.

Children’s Ministries in Phase 5
The presence and participation of children of all ages is welcome at worship.

A volunteer-staffed nursery space is available on the main floor. Parents/caregivers are welcome to use this space to soothe and care for their own infants/toddlers as needed.  Ministries for children 2-3 years old (“Little Lambs”) and 4-8 years old (“Children and Worship”) are open for the season and begin at 10 a.m.

In Phase 5, people over 2 years old wear masks in the common areas of the church building, but children may remove them once inside their program rooms.


During Worship

Hallelujah! One of the joys of Phase 5 us that we are singing again…all of the songs. May God be glorified by the music that we make together.

Any one of us may have concern about sharing space with folk who are singing, and so the balcony has been designated a “no singing” zone. Please do not sing in the balcony, even if you are the only person seated there. Balcony folk, and any others who are not singing: feel free to hum,  speak the words of the songs,  meditate as you listen, stand, … sway…clap, etc.

We limit the items that are passed hand to hand during worship, including offering baskets.  Money gifts/offerings remain a welcome way to participate in the ministry of our local church, our denomination, and the good work of specific charitable organizations operating in our area. You will have access to a basket where any offerings can be placed while you are at worship.
No offering – no problem. Your presence at worship is an offering, and we are thankful for it. 

Meet and Greet Fellowship Time

Following worship, we hope that you will stay a little longer. Fellowship time is an opportunity to be welcomed and show welcome, to get to know others. For new folk, it is a great place to begin to feel at home.

We use the hall right next to the main worship space, and we have been using both spaces to promote distanced chatting and visiting.

*September 30, 2021 Update:
Public Health has confirmed community spread in our region (Central Zone). Because we take off our masks to eat and drink,  we have stopped serving cookies and drinks during fellowship time, but only until the community spread is under control…because cookies are serious business.

Worship is Always Available Online

There are many reasons that attending in person may be too risky, because of temporary or chronic vulnerability to serious illness; or too challenging for reasons related to stress or anxiety as we move through the phases of re-opening. We are committed to being gentle with ourselves and with others as we each figure out when in-person attendance makes sense.

At any time, should you need to–or prefer to–participate in worship online, find a link to worship on our home page.