Phase 4 Re-Opening

We show love for our neighbours and care for our community by following public health rules and guidance to the best of our abilities. Scroll down for info about in-person worship in Phase 4.
Before You Leave Your Home

Are you feeling ill, with symptoms that are either new or worsening, and no known reason? If so, please do not attend in person (yet!), but join us online if you can. Thank you for acting sacrificially to protect others. We look forward to welcoming you to worship at your next opportunity!

Check Exposure Sites: Our public health authority maintains a list of places where people may have been exposed to COVID-19.  Please consult this list of locations and potential exposure times regularly, especially before leaving for a public gathering, such as worship:

If you were at any of those places at the times listed there, please follow the advice given, which may include temporarily avoiding public gatherings such as in-person worship.

Know Your Travel Status:  Since Phase 3 began, entering or returning to Nova Scotia became less restricted, and those rules remain the same in Phase 4. Please consult the travel section of at this link: to find out how soon you could attend worship in person, and whether testing is required. We look forward to welcoming you!

Optional, but Helpful
We limit sharing of printed worship materials at this time, but we have copies available for anyone who needs them.  If you receive worship materials by email and can print your own, or access them on a (silenced) mobile device, please do!

Our congregation celebrates the Lord’s Supper (Communion/the Eucharist) at least once a month.  We avoid passing things out hand to hand, including communion bread and juice, but communion packets are available for those who need them.  If possible, please bring your own bread or juice.

On Arrival

Please put on a mask before entering, if you have one. Masks are required, and our hosts have fresh masks available for anyone who needs one. Hand sanitizer is available in our lobby.

Our hosts will welcome you and ask you, and any adults with you, COVID-19 screening questions. They will record the number of people in your group, and *contact information for at least one of you. These steps are required by our provincial public health services.

Washroom Use
If possible, delay use of our washrooms until worship has begun and everyone has been seated.

Children’s Ministries in Phase 4
There is no nursery available at this time. The presence and participation of children of all ages is welcome at worship. In Phase 4, children will still wear masks in the church building, but will be able to go without masks, once inside their program rooms, when programming for children aged 2-8 resumes in fall 2021.

Please follow the host’s direction about where to sit, but feel free to alert our hosts to any specific needs that you have. We will do our best to accommodate you.  Please let the host know if you would like to sit in the balcony (a “no singing” zone). Except for trips to the washroom, please remain at your assigned place throughout worship.

*The personal contact info gathered as you enter will only be used by public health services.  If you would like to be contacted by our pastor, our deacons, or our elders, please request a contact card, and leave it in the offering basket as you exit.

During Worship

We have had no congregational singing for much of the pandemic. For most of the service, a vocalist sings to us and instead of us.  As of July 18, we are invited to sing the last hymn together. Our space is large and airy, and summer allows us to maximize ventilation. Our church council feels that this is sufficiently safe and in keeping with provincial public health guidance. However, any one of us may have concern about sharing space with folk who are singing, and so the balcony has been designated a “no singing” zone. Please do not sing in the balcony, even if you are the only person seated there. By the way, during any song, feel free to hum,  speak the words of the songs,  meditate as you listen, stand, … sway…clap, etc.

Please join us in praying with strong hope for the day when we can sing (all of the songs!) to God together, and without any worry or concern.

We limit the items that are passed hand to hand during worship, including offering baskets.  Money gifts/offerings remain a welcome way to participate in the ministry of our local church, our denomination, and the good work of specific charitable organizations operating in our area. You will have access to a basket where any offerings can be placed while you are at worship.
No offering – no problem. Your presence with us is an offering, and we are thankful for it. 

When worship ends, please gather your belongings and exit the building without lingering to visit. Even volunteers are asked to leave as soon as they can complete their service.

Fair Weather Refreshments and Visiting

Beginning August 1, whenever the weather is fine, lemonade and cookies will be offered in our own church garden (entrance on  Robie Street), following worship.

Masks are required except while eating or drinking. Distancing is also required (but not between people within your “bubble”/household).

For now, this fellowship and refreshments time will be offered outdoors, only, and there is no indoor option when the weather is poor.

Wondering whether there is a 100% chance of lemonade?
Check the weather here.

Worship is Always Available Online

There are many reasons that attending in person may be too risky, because of temporary or chronic vulnerability to serious illness; or too challenging for reasons related to stress or anxiety as we move through the phases of re-opening. We are committed to being gentle with ourselves and with others as we each figure out when in-person attendance makes sense.

At any time, should you need to–or prefer to–participate in worship online, find a link to worship on our home page.